Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Lux Repeat

I just finished producing a CD for Lux Repeat from Bolzano, Italy! Martin Retter (the man behind the music) sent me the tracks for every song and I crunched them through our Thermionic Culture 'Fat Bustard' tube summing mixer and treated the whole thing with a set of analog compressors (this SSL amongst others) and EQs (a stereo set of Helios, for example). But enough geeky gear stuff, let's talk about the music for a moment:

I have been a huge fan ever since I saw him play a live set in Vienna, and so I urge you to listen to the track just a bit further down. It's so refreshing when you live in a city filled with tame straight four-to-the-floor blip-blop techno. Check out the so wonderfully harsh sounds he uses and the dark post-techno-whateveryoucallit vibe. Delicious!

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Avoiding You by Lux Repeat