Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Human League

I just saw music history and got to meet it's guitarist! Rather spontaneously too. A friend got tickets and introduced me to Nick in The Human League. So of course I went along to the show. (Actually I was pretty excited about the support band Delphic because their music is related to ours in many ways.)
But now I have seen a band perform that played a major role in the creation of electronic pop! I learned that since a certain group of young people in Sheffield did not want to go to work in the steel-forging factories in the 70's they started making music. Bands such as Heaven 17, ABC, Cabaret Voltaire and Pulp were formed. With the sudden popularity of punk music around the same time it was justified to amplify sounds from cheap or broken or self-made electronic circuits and call it music (remember: the few synthesizers that existed at this time were unaffordable). And so Human League were given the chance to develope their sound and play shows from their first moment. Songs such as 'Don't You Want Me' (1981) went on to make them world-famous and heavily influenced an entire era of music known as - the 80ies of course! An era that had a huge revival and certainly influenced me as well.