Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

Chez Cherie

Very interesting session this week! I am assisting Moses Schneider (famous for engineering and producing Beatsteaks and Tocotronic) who is working with Ja, Panik from Austria on their fourth studio album. The last two days were spent setting up instruments and microphones, getting every sound just right for the remaining eight days in the studio. Everything is being recorded live in one room, including vocals! Moses has a great understanding of controlling and using the bleed in various microphones musically. Even though the vocals are meant to be very clear and up front in the mix, all other instruments bleed into this microphone adding overall depth and magic. The drums have only four close microphones that are being mixed into mono, but bleed from the stereo piano microphones and left / right guitars give them all the size they need. I've also seen some and heard some unknown microphones (already looking them up on eBay...)

I can't wait to use the ideas I've seen at work in my own sessions. Hopefully I'll get to use the Chez Cherie studio myself soon!