Montag, 2. August 2010

SOKO in Town!

Today I was on stage with rather famous singer / songwriter Soko who spontaneously taught some friends and myself backing vocals to four of her songs. I never heard much of her music and admittedly I thought she was some lucky cute girl that had one big hit on youTube. BUT NO I WAS SO WRONG! She is one of the most genious musicians I have ever met. The power of her music lies in the incredibly well written lyrics - I can only reccomend exploring some of her songs. Best lyrics I ever heard in my life.

So she told me she's got 55 songs in her head that she likes and would play, and oh so many more that she doenst like. And as a matter of fact, the song she hates most is the song that made her famous:

Soko has been working on a first album with several famous producers in many places all over the world, recording strings and horns and more of this and that - only to discard it all in the next moment and start over with vocals. My studio partner Gordon Raphael (The Strokes / Regina Spektor) added his part during a few days in the studio with her. And now Soko is off again! Somewhere, puzzling together more pieces to her album and then throwing them all over the place. Will she ever get it done? Who knows! But don't miss her live shows - those are in every way complete.