Montag, 23. August 2010

Moses Schneider's first visit to our Studio

Special visitor at the "Analog Pudel" Studio today: Moses Schneider (Beatsteaks / Tocotronic) dropped by to have a listen to a recent production I did with my band I Heart Sharks and to have a look around our studio. He recognized many of the synthesizers and some of the audio gear that was standing around from the beginnings of Transporterraum in New York City. This is where he was working with my studio partner Gordon Raphael around the time of the first The Strokes recordings!
I had been invited by Moses to see the Transporterraum in its current location in Kreuzberg a few weeks ago. We talked about his approach to live recording and I used some of his techniques in this new production.. so I wanted to play the mix to him to see what he thought. I got very positive feedback on the recording, and followed his advice to grit up the drums a bit in the mix. They were somewhat tame before, and now they've got loads a grime and attitude! Here's the mix: