Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

MySpace Band of the week.

We just got announced as one of the MySpace Bands of the week on the german site!

I Heart Sharks Single-Release

Today is the day we release our first single! With an edition of only 1000 CDs our management will take care of label tasks.. distributer is RoughTrade!

The single contains the original track and three remixes by Cobra Starship's Pleasure Ryland, berlin based band Herpes and Audiolith artist Dadajugend Polyform. A free download of the Pleasure Ryland remix is available here.

The single is for sale on amazon and iTunes.

Montag, 5. Juli 2010

I Heart Sharks at Studio East on Nalepastraße

Today will be our second day out here at Nalepastraße, where we are recording three of our newest songs. The work on our album is getting more serious, and we've aimed to have recorded every album track once ourselves. This has always given us deeper insight into improving our tracks for the CD - where the music will be recreated differently than we do it live!

I got the chance to meet berlin-based producer Moses Schneider (Beatsteaks / Tocotronic) the other day and talk about his approach to live recording. We're using his technique out here and getting some very interesting results! With drums and amps all in the same room there's some great microphone spill that moves our sound away from all that cleanly produced synthesizer pop towards a more grungy live-band sound. We're very much in love with it!

Moses Schneider (on wikipedia)